Happy Monday peeps!

I am fresh off a little getaway and had to do a little shopping to get us all back in the swing. Hello, Target is fully decked out in Christmas!! So now of course I have added shopping, decorating and pre-baking to my week’s to do list. How does it go from Halloween to Christmas in the blink of an eye?! #slowitdownpeople

On my team’s Facebook page this morning I was reading about the success one of my team members had with a new customer.

Here is part of what she posted:

“I mentioned that since she had put “no contact” on her orders, I would need her address. She immediately replied back. She said she goes to a workshop once a month where they make 2 simple cards for $5. She stated that the demonstrator never gives measurements (another lesson for me!) or very much instruction and that if she places an order, she is unable to pick it up until the following month.”

I thought there were 2 great take aways from this comment and wanted to share some ideas with you. Think of it as a little Customer Service Tune Up.

Ask Your Customers What They Want

Make certain that each quarter you do a quick survey of what your customers want. There is a very good chance that regardless of the style of business you run they are seeing other demos “in action”. they may like what Suzy Stamper does or the info Sam Scrapper supplies. Ask them what they like and then see if you can find a way to offer them more value in their interactions with you.

They Want it Now

With so many people shopping on line for clothing, food, office supplies and more, people have become very accustom to getting the things they want quickly. I know that I no longer shop with places that take more than a week to deliver my order. Whether you offer a face to face business or an online experience, it is critical to get orders and product into the hands of your customers ASAP.

17 years ago when I started people were okay with waiting until the next time you gathered to get their items. But times have changed and part of excellent customer service is getting our Stampin’Up! customers their orders as quickly as we possibly can.

2 quick and easy tips for better Stampin'Up! customer service

Your customers may want and need more from you than you are currently offering. Keep the dialogue open, ask them questions, find out how you can provide better customer service.

Pay attention to why you shop with who you do. what are they doing that keeps you happy and feeling appreciated? How can you incorporate some of those things into your customer service plan?

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