Have you fallen in love with Instagram? I have decided to start really focusing on Instagram and have seen a huge uptick on my account. Instagram is simple, clean, pictures rule and it is easy to use. One of the things that I really love is that unlike Pinterest and Facebook, pretty much all of your followers will see your posts.

Want some tips on how to rock Instagram? Then lets go!!

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DO post consistently, 2-3x a day is a great goal

DO include a link to your most recent blog post, online class, or special in your Instagram profile. When you post an image, let your followers know they can click the link in your profile to access the latest

DO add in the location of your photos to get yourself some extra exposure

DO pick a style for your card posts: flat lay, front angle, holding, etc

DO design quotes using a tool like PicMonkey to create a unified look for your account

DO ask some simple questions for increased engagement

DO share the behind the scenes of your biz as well as personal photos of your life. Share your personality

DO know that captions matter. Keep them short and in character with your brand

DO use hashtags to be found. Look at some of the most popular people in your field and see what they are using

DO space out your posts throughout the day. No creating a traffic jam of content.

DO take time to properly stage photos. Clean up, get good lighting, and offer up the best of your life


Instagram is fun and with these tips you can grow your influence and have a great time!

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