I received an email recently from a demonstrator who had some questions about what she should post on her Personal Facebook Page vs her Business Facebook Page. I am a big believer that if one person asks me a question there is a pretty good chance more folks have the same question.

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so here we go…..

For the sake of keeping it all clear, lets call your Personal Page your PROFILE.

Your PROFILE should be all about you and what you love: your family, friends, hobbies, travels, you pets, food….you know, whatever makes up your daily life.

Stamping is one of the things you do in your daily life, it is one of your passions. So it should absolutely show up on your personal page.


think about it like this: we need to talk about Stampin’Up! and our love of papercrafting like we would talk about our passion for knitting, yoga, reading….

So what does that mean:

Profile Picture

Would you make your profile pic a photo of your yoga studio, blanket you just knit, book you just read? I don’t think so, so don’t make your profile pic a photo of a card or the Stampin’Up! logo


You can absolutely post pictures of what you are stamping and events you are hosting or attending. Those things are part of your life, part of what you do. Just like you might post pics of you walking the dogs or having lunch with friends, these kinds of posts make sense for your profile.

Don’t Sell

Think about this: Does your plumber come on their profile and offer a special to work with them? Does your hair stylist come on and say they have space for 2 more this afternoon? Does your accountant say they are taking on new customers? No. Judge yourself by what professionals do. Do not look at what JamBerry, Norwex or LuLaRoe are doing and think that is what you should do.


There is nothing wrong with posting an invitation on your profile to come follow you on your Business Page. Once a month tell your friends where they can come to see all the crafty stuff you do, learn about specials and events. ONCE A MONTH


Business happens on your Business Page. I have a whole training on how to run a Business Facebook Page. Click here for that