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Recently I hosted a training and someone shared a tip on how to get more done in a day. The idea was that you set a timer for 30 minutes and work really hard on accomplishing that one thing, and then move on to the next task and reset the timer, etc.

I totally get why this would be a tip to get more done, but can I tell you it made me twitch and break out in hives. I. Am. Not. Kidding.

We all want to be more productive.

We all want to get stuff done.

We all hate getting to the end of the day and feeling like it was a waste.

But the idea of hurrying up to finish one task, to hurry on to the next task, to be timed, to have something counting down and dinging all day long sounds like a nightmare to me.

It reminds me of a friend I have who is always hurrying to finish one thing to go do another thing. “Lets hurry up and walk so I can hurry  home and make dinner so I can hurry to the football game so I can hurry to meet friends so I can….” You get the idea.

Here is what I think is critical to getting things done:


My clients hear from me all the time: Do Less, Do Better.

Be FULLY present, fully immersed in doing the very very few things that really matter.

What those are for you is dependent on what your business looks like. That is the struggle. YOU have to decide what really matters, what really makes a difference, what really will have an impact on my business.

Rushing thru things just to get to the next thing is exhausting and brings very little joy to your life. Do the things that REALLY matter and stop doing all the “stuff” that makes zero impact. Dabblers fail, Masters win….


You deserve joy

You deserve a great business

and they actually go together 😉

Stampin'Up! business tips, direct sales, Lisa Pretto, InkBig Academy

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