I am working with a group of Stampin’Up! demonstrators interested in growing their business on line. In order to do this it means creating and sharing more content on a regular basis. More blog posts, more updates to their Business Facebook Page, more photos on Instagram.

While they are gaining a lot more likes, comments, followers and newsletter subscribers, they are also finding one other thing: some people are unsubscribing. And of course the initial reaction is YIKES!!!

But I want to tell you this is actually a sign that you are on track!

If you randomly post to any on line platform, whether it is your blog, Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube, etc, your posts tend to get lost among the other things that people see. You are kind of like “white noise”. No one is really paying attention to you, and no one is really annoyed by you either.

When you start consistently showing up people have to decide: Do I want this or don’t I?

We might think it is great to have 300 fans, but if 150 of them never engage with you and aren’t really interested in what you are offering…..well then that number is really misleading isn’t it?


Don’t worry so much about the ebb and flow of followers.

Instead focus on getting more people engaged with you.


100 loyal, engaged fans is so much better than 1000 folks just hanging around.

Show up honestly, authentically, generously and you will create a strong and engaged fan base.

Build your tribe based on the folks who love what you do.


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