Okay, this just made me laugh!!


One of the things I come across often as I work with demonstrators is that while they have definite goals, ideas, and dreams…..they have a tough time staying on task.

And I totally get it.

There are so many things in our lives that pull us in different directions: family, jobs, friends, commitments….that we can easily lose our focus.

And the hard part is that when we are on track, then off track, then on track, then off track, it makes it super tough to make real progress.

And then we get stuck

And then we get frustrated

And then we lose the dream


It is no different than losing weight, or saving money, or learning something new.

Your commitment to focus on the small daily tasks is the single greatest indicator of success.

I know this from experience, both my own and my clients.

A limited, focused daily to do list will rock your business and make you HAPPY.

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