I am doing a training this week in Florida. One of the benefits is long walks on the beach, which is pretty much my idea of heaven!

I am loving all the shells on the beach, I always pick up one or two to bring home with me and add to my collection. I love how fragile they are and it is like a treasure hunt when you find one intact.

Along with being pretty, they hurt like the dickens when you step on a broken one just so, and I found myself walking the beach focusing on the few feet right in front of me


and while pretty, I was missing this view…..which is spectacular!


I was caught up on the next step

I was focused on finding the few perfect shells

I was intent on keeping myself safe from the sharp edges

And I was missing the beauty that was right there for me if I would only just lift my gaze.


Sometimes in life, and certainly in this business, we can be consumed by all the details and completely miss the big picture

The people

The beauty

The difference we make when we share what we love and invest in people


We do big, important, impressive work

Lift your eyes and enjoy ALL you are creating