As a Stampin’Up! Demonstrator it is one of the happiest time of the year!

August 2nd we get to pre-order from the AH-Mazing Holiday Catalog!

Stampin'Up! Holiday Catalog: how to plan your purchase

It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the options (there aren’t too many bad ones!)


But I thought I would share my “secret recipe” for making a smart August 2 pre-order that makes good business sense

1) September/October classes

The first thing I do is decide what classes I want to offer in September and October. Those products are top of my list. I want to have them in my hands so that I can stamp, create, and be able to share sneak peeks in my marketing to entice folks to sign up.

I also want to create displays using these products in different or unique ways to build great value and generate a “must have” feeling in my customers.


2) Displays

There are some really awesome items in the Holiday Catalog that I will create displays with but not offer as a class. I will get the most bang for my buck out of these displays if I have them up early at my September classes. This will include home decor items, 3d items, bundles, suites, as well as kits.

It would be almost impossible to share every bundle, kit or suite in a class setting when there are so many options and the holiday selling season is so short.

By letting my customers see these items live and in action it can help them see how much they want them as well!


3) Those things I Love

As we go thru the Holiday Catalog we all had those items we just fell in love with. They may not make it into the September/October class slot and they really aren’t something we can build a whole display or card kit around, but we LOVE them.

Let yourself get a handful of items that you just think are beautiful or look forward to creating with just for yourself. They might not make it into your events, but you can still share them passionately with your customers in person and on line.


I know that I have a definite August 2 list and a September 1 list.

One of the best perks of being a Stampin’Up! Demonstrator is getting your hands on new product first.

Don’t miss out on this fun! And make sure your order works for you!