Yesterday my daughter celebrated her 23 birthday!

I am always looking for an excuse to play hooky, particularly on a beautiful end of summer day.

We got up early and took a hike with the dogs, then headed out to Devils Lake to paddleboard for the day. When we were returning our boards I commented to the lady checking us in that it was Elizabeth’s birthday today.

A couple minutes later she pops out with two little bowls of ice cream, one with a candle


and proceeds to sing happy birthday to my girl!


Talk about a surprise and delight!

As we set up our incentives, rewards and recognition….whether they be for a customer or team member, never underestimate the lasting positive impression of a surprise and delight opportunity.


We all very quickly develop EXPECTATIONS and when we receive something it is easy to think, “well yeah, I earned that” and we lack gratitude for the opportunity.

Surprise and delight goes a long way to fending off the devil of expectation.

Create time, space and resources so that you can add a little unexpected joy to those around you!

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