It’s Olympics time!

I know I am not alone in being glued to my TV each night and devouring every little article, photo and background story that comes out of this event.

People are always fascinating. Add in the commitment to becoming the best in the world and there is so much added drama and excitement.

As much as I loved the #phelpsface, it is the photo below that really was a WOW moment for me.

Lessons to be learned from the Olympics, Stampin'Up! Lisa Pretto, inkbigacademy

The saying someone put with this one, “Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on winners” was at first a “oh yeah, they got that right!” moment for me.

Then I started thinking, the swimmer who is looking over at Michael Phelps is an OLYMPIC SWIMMER. Sure, he didn’t win this race, but the guy is definitely not a loser. He is one of the best swimmers in the WORLD.

We can make all the grandiose statements we want about what “winners” look like. But the reality is that we all have doubts, we all lose our mojo on occasion, we all have missteps, we all get consumed with what the other guy is doing and then judge ourselves based on where we in relation to the person in the next lane.

I think it is time to stop talking about how winners don’t doubt, don’t question, don’t stumble.

They do, we ALL do.

But winners keep going. They aren’t defined by their missteps.


So on those days when you lose your way, when you catch yourself spending a little too much time checking out the competition, cut yourself some slack. Even those people who are the best in world get caught up in it.

And then refocus, and embrace all the you there is and go out and do your thing!

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