One of my very favorite things that I do each year is hold my Masters Retreats.

And I am giving you the opportunity to participate in this powerful event right in your own home.


You can read about them here


They fill within just a few days of registration opening. People are constantly asking me to bring them to their hometown.


They aren’t about stamping

They aren’t about business

They are about life


I recently hosted on in Phoenix, here is an email I received from one of the attendees:

"I arrived with an open mind and returned home with expansive joy in my soul. Having never attended a Masters Retreat, I was surprised by the profound impact that listening, sharing and the silence had on me. I needed to spend some time in a creative community to see what might emerge in me. It was a powerful experience. The other attendees were strong, supportive, engaged. It was also an emotional experience. True self-expression would not occur without an encouraging, experienced mentor. Your leadership, Lisa, with so much enthusiasm, love, encouragement and careful planning was the greatest highlight.

The retreat exceeded my expectations. I found the biggest surprise within myself.

Thank you,
Tricia – Tucson, AZ"


Aside from being a mama, I truly believe these events are my life calling.

And I believe with all my heart it is something you deserve to experience.


I am offering a Masters Webinar on March 17th as a free gift to all of those in my VIP community. 

If you have ever thought about joining my VIP group, I hope this is the little nudge you need to invest in yourself


The Masters Webinar alone is worth $100’s of dollars

Plus all of my VIPs have access to a blog that houses thousands of dollars in trainings that they get access to for free.

You can read all about my VIP program HERE

You will receive an invitation to the Masters Webinar within 24 hours of joining the VIP program