Last week was kind of a big deal for me, I hit 1/2 million dollars in career sales as a Stampin’Up! demonstrator!


I had lots of sweet congratulatory messages from my team, my fellow demos and friends. It meant a lot to me.


I have never really had active upline support. It’s not something I begrudge, it’s just the way it is. I like to think I’ve done alright 😉


And then this showed up in the mail:

2016-03-06 07.11.47

a congratulations card from my dear friend Janet Wakeland who graciously took me under her wing 16 years ago when I was a new demo. Our friendship has continued to grow and I now have a little more to offer

and you know what? I cried.


This past weekend demonstrators from all over the country gathered to gather to honor a sweet demonstrator who passed way earlier this year. Here is a pic of some of my favorite folks enjoying the day and time together.

2016-03-07 11.25.13

I have always known it, but this weekend brought it home for me:

This will never be about stamps.

It will always be about people.


There are a lot of really good people that I get to work with.

And when I show up and do the work I am suppose to do I get to add to all that positive energy.


YOU all make me better

My goal everyday is to help make us all better


It’s not about the stamps

It is about how we show up for each other