You know me. I love the fresh start of anything: a fresh notebook, Monday morning, bottle of wine 🙂


So the start of a new year gets me excited for all sorts of fresh possibilities. It is also a great time to clarify what I really want from my business, where my energies are best spent, and what is needed and where is my spot in all of that.


I thought I would share with you what I have decided to focus on, where you can find me, and how to access the material that will help you in your life and business.



(Almost) Weekly Newsletter: this is a free resource to all and focuses primarily on Social Media tips and ideas for your business. It is a great tool to stay up to date and knowledgeable about all the platforms and can make a great training for those of you with teams. Make sure you are signed up here


VIP Training: this is an exclusive opportunity for all of my team and ANYONE who chooses to participate via a very small monthly fee. It grants you access to a weekly training email, free or discounted future trainings, and a VIP blog that houses dozens and dozens of trainings you can access at any point. You can read more about this program HERE


InkBig Academy Stamps: this is my creative blog on which I share duplicatable, clean and simple projects perfect for any of your events. I particularly focus on cards that help hook and create new stampers. You can check it out here


InkBig Facebook Page: daily inspiration not only for your business, but for life. Follow along here


This blog: The blog will host opportunities for trainings and events, keeping you up to date with ways to connect, gather, and learn. The vast majority of my info will go out via my newsletter and VIP program


My biggest wish for 2016 is that you will share what I have to offer with your demonstrator friends and team. Most of what I do I give away for FREE. I know that it is my calling to share what I learn, think, believe and I would love to inspire more people and touch more lives in 2016.

and I thank YOU for supporting that dream


xoxo, lisa