Today was my last visit in a very long line of recent visits to my dentist.


I am now affectionately calling myself the “Million Dollar Mouth"


I hate going to the dentist.

It hurts

and it is expensive.


But I love my dentist.

how does that even happen?


1) He is really good at what he does.

He covers the basics of being on time, telling me when it is going to hurt, making sure I know what is coming next, ….performing all the basics really, really well.


2) He is really kind.

He knows I would rather be anywhere else, spending my hard earned dollars on pretty much anything else. So he is compassionate to the situation. 

He says things like, “oh, this is just beautiful” or “I am so thrilled with how this turned out”.


Now I have had a dentist who was funny, I liked him too.

But I think if my current dentist tried to be funny it would be weird.


So what did I learn:

1) People like to do business with people who are good. It is important to know your stuff and honor the other person by being on time and keeping your commitments.


2) Lead with your Strengths

I liked my funny dentist.

I like my compassionate dentist.

I REALLY like that they are genuine.

It is hard to be funny if you aren’t the “funny guy” and some folks can not pull off the “I’m really concerned about you” for anything.

Yet, they both built a practice around their natural strengths. And even better, they let those gifts become the cornerstone of their business.


they paired it with excellent service: doing all the little things right.


So when we look at our own businesses it is a great reminder to:

Do the little things really well

With the addition of the special secret sauce that makes us “us"



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