If you are a follower of InkBig you know the disdain I have for "busy-ness".

"I'm so busy" has become for many a badge we wear proudly indicating how important we are, how important the stuff is that we do


and we all know there is a big difference between busy and productive.

Being productive isn't about how many things you can cross off your to do list each day.

Being productive is about knowing what's important to you, how you make a difference in your world, being present and engaged, focusing on the task in front of you and living up to your greatness.


Whenever I need a kick in the behind, this is a quotation that calls to me


And here is what I want you to take away from this:

Look at these folks who achieved remarkable greatness. 

They were single minded.

They knew why they were here and they committed to that calling every day.

They didn't get side tracked, swayed, or fill up their days with things that didn't matter or weren't impactful.


You can't change the world by trying to be everything to everybody.

And the same idea holds true in your Stampin'Up! business.


Know your focus

Know what you love

Know where you shine


And then go get focused being great at that.


Recently I had a coaching client who has a HUGE on line following but she is struggling with in person events. 

My question to her, "why are you focusing on what isn't successful when you could be putting that energy into making what is working even better?"


Know your focus

Know what you love

Know where you shine


And then go get focused begin great at that.


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