I am so glad that you will be joining us for our Webinar on Recruiting 101!


the live Webinar will be held Tuesday, March 24, 2015

6:30 pm Central Time


the recording will be made available to all who sign up, both those who join us live and have to listen at a later time.


Additionally, you will be prompted to join a Facebook group set up solely for this group to ask questions, share ideas and cheer each other on


So why sign up for Recruiting 101?

When I first started as a SU! demonstrator I knew I could sell this stuff, I loved it! But I said, “I’m not doing that recruiting thing!”…..and I didn’t.

Several months later I went to Convention and had my AHA!! moment. The next 6 months I recruited 14 people and was a Rising Star.

Let me share another little tid bit:

Years ago I had a fellow middle school parent ask me if she could sign up to be a demonstrator. She had attended a workshop and bought quite a bit. She wanted to purchase more but her demonstrator convinced her it would be better to just remain a customer and buy from her (she wanted those sales!)

This parent said she might just buy the kit and that is all. I said not problem.

That parent was Mary Fish.

Recruiting can be new, scary, uncomfortable at first. But not only will it change your life, it will change the life of your recruit.

So c’mon and join the fun!

After payment ($15) you will be sent to the FB page to request to join. If for any reason it does not prompt you to that page please email your Paypal receipt to lisa@inkbigacademy.com

The link to the webinar will be shared at noon on Tuesday for you to sign up directly for the live event.


looking forward to “seeing” you on Tuesday!