You have watched the videos

You have read the info pages

You have taken a peek, or a long study, of your Snapshot


You have chatted about it, thought about it, cursed it, embraced it and probably been pretty confused about it.


It's new and it's different, but trust me, there are some fun and exciting sweet spots in this baby!


Every compensation plan has specific "sweet spots".

Those places where it is critical to laser beam your efforts to get the most back.

I have STUDIED this plan hard and want to share with you where your focus, and your downline's focus, needs to be NOW so that you enter this plan ready to take advantage of the sweet spots.

It can make a SIGNIFICANT financial difference just by making some little tweeks and goals from now until October 1st.


I know you think that is far away.

But now is the time to put the effort in, in the right places, to be sitting in the sweet spot come October 1st, 2015!


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