I am working on putting together a collage frame for James' Hockey Senior Night and came across this picture



it seems like yesterday, but this is the man he has grown into, just a month shy of turning 18


and I had a flood of emotion for how quickly time passes, almost as if it is slipping thru my fingers.


Several years back I had a huge, successful Stampin'Up! business that I worked relentlessly. I won awards, I walked across stage, I went on trips, I was asked to speak and share at events…..there was a lot of glitter in those days.

And then one day, while at a stamp club, I got a call from this fella, one of the greatest loves of my life, to tell me all about winning the state hockey championship.

I wasn't there.

I was working.

I didn't get to see it.

And I broke down….


Thru all the fun and recognition I had lost the reason why I even started this business.

All that glitter had gotten a little too bright and blurred my vision.


So I made some changes.

I struggled with them and thru them.


And that is why I am HERE today with YOU

Because thru my struggles with balance, performance, recognition, admiration, effort, and priorities I have build a business I love. 

and is profitable.


I am called to show up every day while maintaining my principles and priorities.


I will never be number 1 in the company again. I have no desire to be that rockstar again.


but my family is number one and they think I'm a rockstar.

And I am grateful to you for coming along on this journey.


xo, lisa