As many of you know I am a huge proponent of Newsletters. 


I think they are the KEY to running a successful on line business, staying in touch with your customers and generating sales.

If you are sending old school emails to your customers you are missing out on a ton of ease, simplicity, and most importantly information that can only be gained by using a Newsletter Subscription service.

Newsletter services:

  • get you past spam filters
  • let you know who opened your newsletter
  • who shared your newsletter
  • let you know who clicked on your links
  • make adding new folks a breeze


and AutoResponders?

They will rock your world!


New or different technology can be tough, but life changing


Let me walk you thru everything you need to:

  • set up a Mailchimp account
  • create a template you can use over and over
  • read and understand reports
  • make certain your emails get opened
  • advertise your newsletter on your Business Facebook page
  • generate sales from your newsletter


and I promise to make it easy, understandable and give you a tool you can reference over and over again 


Newsletters are critical

They can drive $1000's of dollars in sales when done correctly

Easier than blogging and certain to make a difference in growing

your online business


Cost is $99

(free to all VIPS, check out that program here)