Years a go when my now Senior in High School was in first grade, I always knew what to expect at parent/teacher conferences.

James always had a lot to say and had a tough time keeping it to himself.

Often times we would hear that he was disruptive.

Until one teacher said, "oh, he is just chatty. I never minded chatty kids"


Disruptive vs Chatty

Words Matter


I think often time we just use words in our business because other folks have used those words. It becomes an unconscious choice.


Here are 2 that I would ask you to give some thought to:

1) Newsletters or Emails

Now, granted when I am doing my trainings I often refer to Newsletters and Email Lists. It keeps it simple so that we all know what we are talking about.

But when I look to engage my customers I am committing to using the words: inspiration tips 

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Newsletters and Emails are boring words

Do I really want another email?


2) Meetings

Even if you make them fun, the idea of going to another meeting is not going to excite many folks.

I started calling mine "Gatherings" and/or "Sip and Swaps"

You could do "Lunch and Learn", "Brainstorming Brunch" "SaleABration KickOff"

really, anything but a meeting


No one thinks "I bet this meeting will be super fun and inspiring"


Words Matter

Look where you can shake up some of your lingo in 2015


make money

have fun

change your little corner of the world


xo, lisa