I love the concept of a fresh start, a clean slate, the opportunity to begin again.


And while part of December is the closing down and putting to bed of 2014, it is also the chance to look at 2015 with fresh, optimistic eyes

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It is time to look at your business and decide:

  • what isn't working
  • what don't I love anymore
  • what do I just not like to do


and what do I want more of?


These are big decisions.

Creating a vision for the future of your business and life is no small task.


Today I encourage you to find a couple hours and SCHEDULE some day dreaming, plotting and planning.


What do you REALLY want your business to look like?

How do you really want to spend your days?

What will excite you to get up each day?


And I am going to give you premission right now to get rid of things that you are doing just because your downline likes them or your customers expect them.

If it doesn't light you up, get rid of it!!


and let's not forget that the final pieces of the new compensation plan is right around the corner….and I am going to bet that keeps to the basics: sell, recruit, retain


What do you love most about each of these?

Where do you shine in each of these?

Maybe it's time to do more of these and less of the stuff that isn't getting you results


This is YOUR business and you get to choose how you spend your time and where you invest your resources.


Own it, and get excited about it!!


Make Money

Have Fun 

Change Your Little Corner of the World


xo, lisa