Stampin'Up! is in the process of sharing with us upcoming changes to the compensation plan.

First, let's just be honest that change makes us nervous.

And when we are nervous we don't make good choices.


We really start to operate from a sense of fear.

Fear about how it's all going to work out.


And we start to make these sweeping statements:


"If they take away XYZ, I'm done"

"Obviously they don't care about me"

"My customers/downline/hostesses won't like this"


In the 15 years I have been with the company there have been lots of changes.

Have I loved all of them? Nope


But with each change I have worked hard to embrace the new and figure out how the plan works, where the sweet spots are, how to use it to my benefit to create a business I love and is profitable.


And over time most of the demonstrators I know have done the same.


Change is inevitable.

I remember a time when the big decision was whether or not we put the catalog on line. 

Can you imagine in this day and age of on-line shopping if we didn't have the catalog on line?


Now not everyone was on board when Stampin'Up! made that decision, but looking back we can all agree that we would be in a hot mess today if we had been too afraid to change.



so, let's not panic.

let's not let fear run the day

let's have some faith


some things might not feel good right away, but let's see the whole picture before we decide to give into our anxiety.


And even then, let's sit with it.

Let's get cozy with the new

Let's find the fun and excitement and possibility.


I am excited to be on this journey with you.

AndI am excited for our future with Stampin'Up!


Make Money

Have Fun

Change Your Little Corner of the World


xo, lisa