Today I received these 2 cards in the mail:


The top one is from a hotel I used this year for one of my trainings.

The other one is from one of the yoga studios I attend


Impressed? sure was!

Feel Special? sure do!


For many years I was like the cobbler whose kids had no shoes.

I was a cardmaker but pathetic as a card sender.

My excuse? I was too busy


What a bunch of bunk!


My piece of buisness advice is that these types of things matter.

They matter to me, they matter to you, and they matter to your customers.


It is a dangerous place to be when we are so busy building a business that we can't take the time to stop and thank those who actually make it all possible.


food for thought 🙂


Make Money

Have Fun

Change Your Little Corner of the World


xo, lisa


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