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as some of you know we have had more than a few hiccups in Typepad.
They are calling them DDoS attacks.

Typepad users can't post and blog readers can't access the blogs.
A huge pain in the butt!

Also, Facebook is getting increasingly tough to use as it continues to change who sees what.

This is why, now more than ever, it is critical to use a newsletter service. 

If my blog isn't working and FB is hit or miss, I can still get information and inspiration out to customers and potential customers thru my newsletter.

AWeber, Constant Contact, and MailChimp are 3 great resources for managing your newsletter list.
All of them work ABOUT the same and you can check out which one is really the best fit for you. Look at what you want to accomplish and the price points when making a decision.

Don't think you can't afford a newsletter service. Many are free in the beginning as you grow your list.

We now have over 2500 on our list and pay $30 a month and have all the cool bells and whistles we need.

When putting together your newsletter, be sure to have a photo placed in the text as early as possible.

When folks are faced with a body of text that little inner voice in them says "yuck" 

Even if you have info to get out, a pretty picture at the beginning and placed throughout your newsletter will make it much more likely to be read.

you have beautiful cards and projects, but a kitten never hurts either 😉


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