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Social Media Frustrations

I know that many of you are frustrated by the lack of result you are seeing in your Social Media efforts. 
You are blogging, posting to Facebook etc but not getting a strong return on your time and energy invested.

For most of us using Social Media we are using it as a new venue to grow our customer base and generate on line sales to go along with our traditional business.

So here are 3 tips to help you out:

1) Meet your Customers where they are

if you currently have traditional customers that means you have been communicating with them via email, newsletters, snail mail and the phone. KEEP DOING THESE! 
Continue to engage your traditional customers in traditional ways and give them great reasons to follow you on line: tutorials, bonus projects, specials

2) Train your Customers

most people don't use Facebook or Pinterest because they do't know how. So rather than just a "follow me here", provide them with a tutorial of how to set up their account, how to manage their privacy (which can be a huge issue) and how to create a great experience

3) Consider the Size of Your Audience

I know that you hear me talk all the time about identifying your niche and playing to your strength, and I still believe that 100%
I want you to consider this:
how many people are Stampin'Up! customers?
how many people are stampers?
how many people are crafty?
how many people like DIY?

you have a choice to market to Stampin'Up! customers all the way thru to DIY folks…..don't limit yourself by focusing on too narrow of an audience. 
by expanding what we offer, how we think of ourselves in the marketplace, we can vastly grow our potential audience.
So don't give up your niche, but can you make SOME offerings that will generate exposure to a larger crowd?

and my bonus tip: BE CONSISTENT!

I know it is a struggle to be consistent when you feel you aren't getting a great return, but stick with it.
Be persistent

Make Money

Have Fun

Change Your Little Corner of the World


xo, lisa