hey friend!

I got home late yesterday afternoon from my first ever Minnesota Masters' Retreat, and it was awesome!


I love waking up on a Monday morning feeling focused and inspired, and this past weekend definitely did that for me!

here are some quick pics of the weekend






Great things happen when people come together.

Shared stories, unexpected support and acceptance, honest communication, and dreams supported.


I do a lot of trainings, both virtual and in person, and it is always the vulnerability of the participants, the willingness to SHOW UP, that creates an experience that changes us all.


So a shout out to my Minnesota Masters' Retreat participants and friends for their willingness to invest in themselves and me.

And I hope that YOU find a way to join in on any of my events, I promise it will be well worth your investment.

You can check out some of my upcoming events, including a Barefoot Business Retreat in Hilton Head Island HERE


make money

have fun

change your little corner of the world


xo, lisa