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Alrighty, let's talk Pinterest!

Yesterday I was looking up some recipes I had saved on one of my Pinterest boards. I have a family trip this weekend and needed a little inspiration.
I clicked thru an "Asian Nachos" pin and was taken to the blog that hosted the pin. 

Not the blog post
Just the blog

I searched the blog for this recipe and couldn't find it.

As my kids would say, "don't be that guy!"

so here is a quick little FYI to be certain you are not that guy 😉

this is what you want to see when you pin a blog post

this is what you don't want to see

Do you see how the first one links SPECIFICALLY to the blog post you are pinning from?
The second one links to the blog, but not the blog post.

A quick little tip that can make a HUGE difference in the success of your Pinterest boards.
Already knew that? 
Make sure your downline knows it.
My "research" showed that over 50% of my Stampin'Up! Cards Pinterest Board had bad links.


Make Money
Have Fun
Change your little corner of the world

xo, lisa


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