I LOVE Instagram!



It is a great visual medium that can really add to your brand.

Here are a couple things to keep in mind when starting out:


One of the things that Instagram will ask when you create a profile is to craft a bio. A bio will tell your audience about your brand. They will want to read up and know a little about your brand before they follow it. Don’t forget to add in links of your website, blog and social media page.

A profile picture is what gives your audience first impressions. It needs to be the best photo of YOU that you can find

Posting Pictures

As soon as you create a profile on Instagram, start uploading pictures. It is critical to have 5-8 photos up before you start following anybody. They want to see what you are all about before they decide to follow you back. After that, put up 1-2 pictures at a time. The pictures you put up will be your main form of communication with your audience. 

Using pictures, you can bring out the human side of your brand by sharing not only your crafting creations but the things that go on in your life and business.


Be Creative

Instagram is also a great storytelling medium. You can tell various stories by just pictures and videos. With Instagram, you can capture expressions, share new ideas, build anticipation for what's to come and more.

A picture of the stack of boxes from Stampin'Up! is a great beginning to a story.

Always keep your eyes open, you never know when something interesting will pop in front of you.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with your pictures and see your audience’s reactions. This is a great article on creating interesting and engaging photos:



Hashtags are extremely powerful on Instagram. They categorize your pictures and allow Instagram users who are searching for those categories to come across them. By using relevant hashtags, you can capture the attention of your target audience and improve the sharability of your uploads.

#stampinup #handstamped #diy

Don’t just relate the hastags to your business, but be open and connect it to a variety of things.

#love #blue #hometown

However, it’s important that you don’t overdo the hashtagging. Stick to a maximum of five hashtags.


Follow Others

Instagram is all about interconnecting and if you’re hoping to grow your following, you have to follow others. Don’t just follow people you already know and do what you do, connect with anyone who is putting up interesting content.

You can search Instagram for local businesses, influential people, etc by using the hash tags search function

Social Integration

Facebook owns Instagram and this is an added advantage because every picture you put up can be shared on the social media platform. This is a great way to increase your Facebook activities and put up more pictures instead of just worded posts.

Using Instagram is all about fun

So have fun using it and connecting with your audience. 


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make money

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xo, lisa


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