If you are like me you get a lot of emails every day


And the truth of it is that very few of them are worth opening

But sometimes the sheer numbers of emails can overwhelm us.

And when we are overwhelmed we do nothing

Which is how you can find yourself with 1358 unopened emails, YIKES!


So here are 2 quick and easy tips to manage your email better:



Use your wait time (kids, appointments, etc) to delete your junk mail. You can do this right from your phone and make good use of your time.

There is no need to open that daily Victoria's Secret email.

Even better, un-subscribe to those you find yourself deleting every day



Never open an email unless you have the time to respond to it.

If you know you are going to have to respond to it and don't have time right now you are wasting precious time by reading it and then letting it live in your head.

Set a side a time to read and respond to important emails


These are 2 simple and easy techniques that can help you manage your emails. 

The key is to break those nasty little habits we have formed that make us so unproductive. Start with one, master that and then move to the second.

Good luck! 😉


make money

have fun

change your little corner of the world


xo, lisa


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