I am not a big fan of a long to do list


I am not a fan of killing yourself, working super long hours, or self created stress.


But I do think there are things that we can do to set ourselves up to be PRODUCTIVE.


I want to kick off a series HOW TO GET MORE DONE today by focusing on how to get more done tomorrow by focusing on your behavior tonight.


8 quick fixes you have complete control over


1) Read a BOOK

A paper book will help separate the day from the night. A book, not on your phone, IPad, Nook, or computer. You use those all day and don't get the mental relaxation if you can just "check email of Facebook" real quick.


2) Drink a glass of WATER

Water is the best way to be certain your body is functioning well thru the night and that you wake up relaxed.


3) Cool Air, Warm Blanket

Breathing fresh air at night can really help you sleep better, but the optimum temp for your body is 67-72. An open window and a lovely blanket will do the trick


4) Turn off your Phone

yikes! You can actually set your smart phone so that you only get notifications from the MOST important folks during certain hours. So if you feel like you can't possible turn your phone off make sure that the only people who can get thru are those who MUST get thru: kids and parents.


5) Sleep in the DARK

Melatonin, the super important sleep hormone, is produced in the dark. You will feel more rested, thanks to the production of melatonin, by making sure there are no light sources messing you up at night.


6) Put your ALARM across the room

let's face it, if you have to get up to turn off the alarm it will be much tougher to head back to bed. that snooze button sounds great, but it isn't good rest and can make you more sluggish.


7) Plan a yummy BREAKFAST

whether you are a fan of a green smoothie, great cup of coffee or yogurt with berries, make certain that you look forward to your breakfast and it is something you really enjoy.


8) Schedule something IMPORTANT early in the day

When you wake up with something to look forward to it can really get your energy up quickly. So whether it is a yoga class, coffee with a friend, task you LOVE, or walking the dogs….if it makes you smile it will help you get going on the day.


All of these are things you can control each and every evening to make certain that you sleep well and wake up ready to own the day!


Check back tomorrow for how to get rolling once your day has started to have a productive and feel good day!



make money

have fun

change your little corner of the world


xo, lisa


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