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The key to a productive day is starting out with things that make a difference. 

there are lots of theories, so I thought I would share 7 of them with you and see if there is one that speaks to you


1) Eat the Frog

you know that thing that if you don't do it will sit in your brain and occupy your thoughts all day long? Do that. Get it done, Cross it off your list. Whew!


2) Say Thank You

Start every day by writing a thank you note: to a customer, friend, family member, fellow demo. By beginning your day in gratitude it will frame your entire day.


3) Visualize

Can you see yourself writing the blog post, prepping that class, calling your potential recruit? Work on picturing yourself as kicking butt today and it will already have happened in your mind which makes it much more likely to happen when you do it


4) Work Out

there are very few things that get your mind focused and your body ready for a day of being productive like a work out. Walk, Run, Yoga, CrossFit, doesn't really matter what it is but get moving!


5) Do REAL work

no emails, no Facebook, no Pinterest. What REALLY has to get done today? Start there.


6) Everything starts with the CUSTOMER

Making the first 1/2 hour all about touching base with customers. Thank you, emails, newsletters….happy customers make for a happy business


7) ASK Yourself

when you are working for yourself it is easy to get into bad habits. Ask yourself: "if someone I really respected was watching me, would I behave this way?" Ask yourself: Am I making myself proud today? Ask yourself "Am I doing what I am called to do?"


The start of your day is critical to how the rest of your day flows. commit to setting yourself up for a successful day by choosing a plan that excites and invigorates you



make money


have fun


change your little corner of the world




xo, lisa




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