We all have those things that make our lives easier, more fun or meaningful.


Each Friday I will share some of my favorite things that just make life better. Big or small, they just make me smile.

You know I am a word girl, so let's start with words that I am really focusing on as I work on my desire to be less judgemental: of myself and those around me


This is my favorite shop on Etsy. I have seriously purchased enough pieces to dress an army, but think about what a life affirming army we would be !


If you are looking to radically up your "I take care of my body" commitment, I swear by my Daily Good by Aloha. Is it an acquired taste? Most definitely! But it will change you, and I love that it is super easy to carry with you if you travel.

For my Project Life fans, my Canon Selphy is the bomb! You can print your photos right from your phone, which is really the only camera I use anymore, and it has mde my memory keeping a breeze. I mean, who has time for that one hour processing? I need my pics NOW 😉


We are all on a journey, not just a business journey

And by surrounding ourselves with things we love, make us happy and bring us joy it can make our life journey so much more enjoyable


so, enjoy!


xo, lisa