Hello Friday 🙂


I posted this image/word combo to my FB page because I love it so much


the truth is we are all broken and we are all survivors. So me of us have big public breaks for all the world to see and some of us hide our breaks away.

I have survived

YOU have survived

And that is pretty cool


I love my birds! I have bird feeders right outside my studio window and I love my daily visits from my feathered friends. Except for when those darn morning doves show up. Anyone else think they have that dead shark eye look?

My favorite treat for the birds are these peanut butter bits…. and truth be told, the dog's are always happy when a few spill as I am filling the feeder. 


I do so much of my shopping on line these days. In fact, our oldest has his first REAL job and apartment, (he will be a kindergarten teacher, how awesome is that!) and so we gave him all the furniture from his bedroom. I popped on line, and in less than an hour I had all the furniture, bedding etc ordered and on it's way.

One of my favorite on line shopping sites is Zuilly. Great prices, fun selection and my favorite part is a lot of it is stuff I haven't seen before. Clothing, housewares, men's, women's, children's. Each day you get an email with what's new….a fun little coffee break in your day!


I travel a lot, which I love! One of the go-to's in my carry on is Thieves Essential Oils. I like to mix it with hand lotion and massage it into my hands and neck. It makes me feel protected from all those "travel germs"


Hope your Friday and weekend are fabulous. Summer is quickly coming ot an end, savor every moment!


make money

have fun

change your little corner of the world


xo, lisa