Here is what I know about Direct Sellers:

  • They signed up because they LOVE the product they are selling
  • And they came to LOVE the company they represent


But loving a company and a product does not translate to knowing how to sell that product.


Sure, passion for your stamps, jewelry, candles, home decor is critical

but I see really passionate direct sellers struggling big time to sell product


Selling is a set of skills that you can learn

And if you are in Direct SALES, I think it is time you learned these skills.


My success as a direct seller came from the fact that not only was I able to sell a lot of product, but I was able to train my downline to sell a lot of product.

And whether you have a business on line or a traditional in person business, selling is selling and the same techniques work every time.


Here is what we will cover in this 3 day training:

  • What to show and what not to show
  • How to build value in the "big purchases"
  • How to design kits that sell
  • Creating a "sales experience"
  • Teaching your customers to buy and not just come and use your goodies
  • How to create life long customers and not "one time buyers"
  • How to increase your average sale by $20 per person
  • The words that make customers WANT to buy
  • and more


I know that you love your product,

but that doesn't mean you can't, (or shouldn't), be making money at it.

And you are not a bad person for wanting to become a better salesperson, it doesn't diminish your love of the product and your company.


As a direct seller you will see great increases in your sales after this class.

And if you are an upline, I would definitely encourage your downline to join us. 

High Sales=High Retention

Good for them means good for you


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3 webinars, with PDF support

Change Your Business