• Would you like to be a better leader?
  • Have a definite plan and know what works to motivate and engage your downline?
  • Promote to the next title and take advantage of the title benefits?


Would you like to be able to participate in the financial rewards of being a leader?

  • Downline Override
  • Performance Bonuses
  • and trips?


And maybe you are a brand new leader and you just aren't sure what to offer:

  • incentives?
  • rewards?
  • bribes? 😉


It can be hard to find your way if you have never had an upline, or even if you have a great upline!


Success in Direct Sales is based on:





In this training we will focus on the retention and growth of your downline thru an easy and duplicatible plan that won't overwhelm you or break the bank.

It doesn't matter if you are a brand new upline or have been around a long time, learning how to manage this part of your business is critical for long term success and the daily joy that comes from leading a group of fun and involved demonstrators.


 And for my 14+ years as a Stampin'Up! Demonstrator it has been the key to my success,

let me share with you what I KNOW works!


Join me for this webinar and learn specific tips, ideas, and how to's so that being an upline is fun and rewarding both financially and emotionally.

and how to keep your personal business rolling!!

Building a team is a critical component of success in direct sales, so let's make it as simple and do-able as we can!


Join Me for the "I'm An Upline, Now What" webinar

Thursday, August 7th

1 pm central time

(if you can't join us live you will still have access to the recording)

Cost is $14.95, Free for our VIPs (check out that program here)

You will receive an email on August 6th with details of how to join the webinar