Recently I went out to dinner some girlfriends to a new place in town.

The next day someone asked me how it was.

The place was pretty cool, neat concept, the menu was inventive…..and the food was okay.


I had ordered the Butternut and Bleu Cheese Salad with grilled chicken. Sounded delicious with promises of yummy veggies, great cheese, nuts…..

but it was average.


The yummy stuff was scarce

The chicken was dry and unimaginative.


I am sure you have had meals just like this… it made me think that no one cared about making it as great as it could be.

There was an idea, but somewhere along the way it become a "get it done" rather than an investment in the doing the best they could.


I think this happens to a lot of us in our Direct Sales business.

We have great ideas, we have a vision….and then when it comes to sealing the deal we give in to not investing the time or resources necessary to make it truly great.


Just like this restaurant who had a choice between being okay and awesome, we slide into being okay.

Being awesome means having a strong commitment to making it the BEST experience.

Not the least expensive

Not the easiest

Not the most profitable

When we focus on these things we short change the experience and create something less than what we envisioned, less than what we are capable of delivering


Now you know I am not saying that being profitable isn't important. We need to know where the line is drawn. But typically creating an awesome experience isn't all about money. It is usually about details, commitment, that little something extra.


And here is the bottom line:

given all the options of great restaurants in my hometown, will I go back to this new place?

Probably not

There are just too many places who make it awesome that I don't have to settle for ok.


People want an awesome experience

Are you going to be the one to create it for them?


Make Money


Have Fun


Change Your Little Corner of the World


xo, lisa


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