Due to popular demand I am offering a Minnesota Master's Retreat the weekend of October 17th, 2014.

and I am EXCITED about it!!! woo hoo!!!!


You may know that Georgia Giguere, Karen Titus, Patsy Waggoner and Dawn Olchefske (all from the great state of Minnesota) have attended and raved about it.

So what exactly is Master's Retreat?

This event is designed specifically for business builders who are really looking to fine tune their businesses and take them to the next level.

Your direct sales business was born out of your love for your company's products.

This means that your passion initially was founded in sharing the benefits of your products.

Today your business involves creating new customers, holding events, hostess coaching, recruiting new donwline and providing them with training.

Along with growing your presence in social media.

Very few people come into direct sales with a solid business background to help them navigate all of these challenges.


My mission is to partner your passion for your products with our passion for the business side of direct sales, including social media.


We also know that as a business owner your days can be long, overwhelming and frustrating.

We want you to know you are not in this alone.

We have your back.


We know your frustrations and we want to help you move from today's struggles to tomorrow's joys as you define your Big Dream and build a business that is truly soul satisfying AND profitable.


The core of this weekend is a 8 mini course training that will provide you with the know how and motivation to build a profitable and flexible direct sales business.


And because this training is a very intimate opportunity you will receive:
personalized attention,
one on one mentoring,
and the opportunity to work with other like minded business people with whom you will build connections to help you carry your vision of your business forward.

This 3 day training will kick off late Friday afternoon with a wine and cheese welcome reception.

This is the beginning of a pampered, nurturing weekend that will allow, and nudge, you to get clear in what you want from your direct sales business

Breakfast buffets, coffee and tea time,

beautiful hiking trails, delicious lunch and dinners,

decadent desserts, music, movies,


Time together and time alone all combine to help you


gain clarity,

and listen to your inner voice that says,

"You are here for a purpose. Live your big dream. Build a legacy, not just a business"


The price for the weekend is $295 and includes lodging, all meals, and all training.

Our training getaway is able to accommodate up to 10 people


Really you just need to bring your lap top and toothbrush 🙂

We will be in Southwestern Minnesota, just a few hours from Minneapolis

 Need more convincing?

Thanks for a fabulous weekend! You are a master at creating a welcoming environment and setting the stage for honest reflection and open sharing of ideas. That defines a true retreat leader to me!
I learned so much from you and the other attendees. I came home more inspired from this event than I have felt in a very long time. I am working through my list of actionable items I made that weekend with renewed energy. Thank you for everything!

~~Karen Titus


❤ I loved Masters retreat! For me, it was stepping out of my comfort zone. I'm so glad I did! It opened my heart and soul to new friendships. It gave me an understanding that we all have difficulties in life and allowed me to have a bigger compassion for people. Because what you see going on on the outside doesn't mean it's the same on the inside. My heart was full when I left and much to think about. 😉 Thank you ladies for sharing your hearts!

~~Blessings, Beverly Brownell


Thank you again for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing weekend!I am so grateful for this past weekend in so many ways.

How do I sum up a weekend in just a sentence or two? This is hard! 😉

The weekend was not only informative, and inspiring, but the energy in the sharing with each of us was so valuable. My head is still exploding with ideas, and a new perspective with my business! I cannot thank you enough!

Thank you.. so so much.. you are so inspiring, Lisa!

~~Dawn Bourgette