One of the things I talk about a lot is the importance of being profitable, if being profitable is important to you.


What I have come to find is that there are a lot of demos who want to be make a little (or a lot) of money with Stampin' Up! but are a little timid in voicing that desire.

We like to live in the gray:

"well, it would be nice if I didn't have to place my orders all by myself"

"well, I would just like to make enough to pay for convention"

"I don't need to make a lot of money, just enough to buy what I want"


All of these are great ideas. But we often state them in such a soft, non-committal way that they don't carry much punch.

And I totally get why we play it safe.

Most of us don't have a business background, we signed up because we really like the product, and we just aren't sure about our ability/strengths/skills to commit to making a business plan.

And I am just like you, I get anxious with definite commitments that are new or different for me.


But here is also what I know:

The more specific we are in stating what our goals are, the more successful we will be.

When we leave our goals open to too much wiggle room, we tend to wiggle.


If I say I want to work out more……

does that mean one more in a year, a month, a week…..


If I say I want to eat healthier…..

does that mean I won't eat after 7 pm, or have a salad each day, or go vegan…..


And how is that different from:

I will go to 5 yoga classes a week


I will cut out soda and fast food from my diet


The same holds true with our businesses

When we make a solid commitment to do something, that is when we get solid results (not immediate results, but solid results)

  • I will blog 4x a week
  • I will put aside $100 from each check for convention
  • I will host a weekly come and stamp with my friends
  • I will attend one craft fair each quarter


By making concrete commitments to our business we get out of that gray area and into a business plan.

Decide Commit Succeed

Now you don't need to have a strong business background in order to do this.

Start by making a list of a couple things you can commit to, make them specific and measurable. 


And as you work thru keeping your word to yourself in these areas you will develop the confidence in yourself, your abilities, your accomplishments and NOW you have a great base on which to build your business.


So tell me, what ONE thing will you commit to?


Make Money

Have Fun

Change your Little Corner of the World


xo, lisa