Are you and your Direct Sales company in an exclusive relationship?


Everytime I get together with demonstrators I will see or hear about using other company's products INSTEAD of Stampin'Up! products.

Not in addition too…..I totally get why sometimes we head to the craft store for the wreath frame or to the grocery store for a certain color candy that will look fabulous in the box we just made


But let's talk about instead.

Whether it is adhesive, ribbon, or envelopes someone will say "well it is cheaper" or " I am just use to this" 


And I get it


But let me play the other side for a minute,


Stampin'Up! is in FIERCE competition in the crafting world for every sale.

The more sales they create, the more money there is in the pot for demonstrators.

Not just for our usual pay, but for special programs, new incentives, give aways, career plan enhancements, etc


If all of my customers were to buy their envelopes somewhere else it will effect my sales.

It will effect my income

It will effect how much I make at each event

It will effect my downline override, my incentive trip opportunity, my quarterly bonus…..


I wouldn't have the same dollars to spend on MY downline, my hostess appreciation day, my blog candy.


So, don't think I am shaking a finger at you and telling you how bad you are 😉

Instead, think about how some small changes on our part as demonstrators can create a stronger company with more to give back to us.

Maybe it is time to make your relationship with your Direct Sales company a little more exclusive


Make Money

Have Fun

Change Your Little corner of the World


xo, lisa