Typically when folks become Stampin'Up! demonstrators they say one of two things:

I just love the product and want to get a discount


I want to make a little money


BOTH are good reasons for becoming a demonstrator


It can get a little tricky when we move back and forth between those two things.


I know that I have helped many of my downline and clients with the "I'm just not making any money" stage of their business.


the first thing I ask them to do is show me their records….


okay, well then how about let's just go thru your orders…

even that can be a little muddy


Because if you are anything like most of us, you order what you want

You tack on a couple things to take a $120 order to $150….

You see something delightful on Pinterest, and place any order to make it…..

You have sets that are not put together, ribbon that has never been opened, bags of things to embellish from the craft store

Personally I can tell you that the $1 spot at Target has blown my budget more than once


As we work thru some of these items, what always comes to light is that YOU are making money.

You are just spending it on more stuff


We don't look at how much we are making

And we don't look at how much we are spending

We just know the bank account isn't increasing and so we make the proclamation that we aren't making any money.


So now the real question comes:

Do you want to be a business or do you want this to be a hobby?

Businesses make money

Hobbies cost money


And the beauty is that as a Stampin'Up! demonstrators you can have either one!

But you can't have both, at least not at the same time.


No one accidentally makes money, but I can tell you first hand that you can accidentally spend a lot of money.


So if you have decided, "yes, I want to make money" then the first step is just to track what money comes in and where it goes.

It might surprise you


But once you KNOW, you now have the choice to CHANGE

and I think that is very exciting!


Make Money

Have Fun

Change your Little Corner of the World


xo, lisa