I am pretty sure that I am not the only one in Direct Sales who gets a case of the "shinies"


I can be in the middle of my schedule or work day and I see something that gives me a new idea, something that is way more fun that what I am currently doing, or something that excites me and makes me see something in a new light…..


so I can sometimes find myself in the dilemna of follow the new "oohh, shiny!" or stay the course.

I love finding inspiration all around me, the next big thing could be right around the corner

I also know how important it is to finish a task and work my plan


So I have created for myself an "all the sparkles" master list.


when an idea comes to me or I run across something that makes my ears perk up I write it down on this list along with some initial feelings, thoughts, direction.


this helps me in a couple ways

1) it keeps me on track for the day

2) it gives me an organized place to record my ideas and future project ideas

3) by getting it down on paper I don't have to carry it in my head


I encourage you to start a "sparkly list", both to keep you excited and innovative and to keep you on track with the task at hand


Make Money

Have Fun

Change Your Little Corner of the World


xo, lisa