Recently I did a whole round of coaching with new clients.

Coaching consists mostly of me asking "what do you want in your business?" and then brainstorming with my clients what steps need to be taken to get there.

With all the ideas, suggestions, tips, techniques, trainings, there is always one thing that separates the accomplishing from the floundering:



and I think the same idea holds thru anytime we are trying to change things up in our lives: working out, dieting, financial planning


We always seem to start out strong, full of commitment, ready to go….and then it gets blurry



there are very few absolutes in life.

You can eat healthy and exercise every day for a week and not lose one pound.

You can cut corners, pinch pennies, write down where you spend your money and still be behind the financial eight ball after a month

You can blog everyday, update your Facebook Page, post videos to YouTube and have no more sales this month than you did last month.


and what happens is that lack of immediate return on our efforts causes us to get blurry on what we really want. And when things get blurry we are easily side tracked. The goal seems so far off, the path seems long and windy and full of potholes.

It is hard to keep commited to a plan when we think we aren't getting any return on our efforts.


The key to continuing is having Faith.

Faith in the process

Faith in yourself

Faith in the universe


Because here is what I know:

When you commit to doing the right things, learning and implementing those things that work, eventually you will see a return on your effort.

and it takes Faith to get you thru the "eventually" part


so if you are struggling with your business today i would ask you to do a little "faith-check"

Stay on the path

Keep walking

Don't Quit


that is what creates success


Make Money

Have Fun

Change Your Little Corner of the World


xo, lisa