This weekend I was talking with one of my downline and she was mentioning some of her frustration with a couple of potential recruits who just couldn't be persuaded to sign on the dotted line even though her company was offering a great incentive.


I think we can all relate to that. People who talk about it, you know would be good at it, but they just can't commit.


In all my years of converting potential recruits to downline, I think the biggest deterent has always been their own fear.


Fear that they won't meet their minimum

Fear that no one will buy

Fear that they aren't creative enough


At some point you, and they, need to get to the bottom of what is really holding them back.


When you feel like you are talking in circles, you have gone over everything 100 times, you are not sure what to do next, try this:


"What would it take to get you signed up today?"

People might say they don't have the money to sign up, but I never hear that when I ask them the question.

Instead I hear the fear.


"if i knew I could make the minimums"

"if I knew I could get customers"

"if I knew I would be able to come up with ideas"


And as an upline it is your job to answer those fears. Don't dismiss them. The worst thing you can do is say, "oh, don't worry, that's easy". That doesn't address their concerns and fears.


Instead, try this:

"I totally understand your concern. If I can show you how we will deal with that, would you be ready to join?"


And then talk them thru how you will help them overcome all their fears.

one by one

step by step

and then deliver what you promise.


You will have a new recruit who is excited, focused and trusts that you are really listening to them and just recruiting them for your own gain.


Make Money

Have Fun

Change Your Little Corner of the World


xo, lisa