Chances are when you got into your Direct Sales business it was because you loved the products your company sells, right?


And you wanted to share your passion for creating with other people. So I will assume you liked meeting new people, sharing ideas, helping others find their creativity.


And when you have great passion for your products and love to share, you probably recruited some people to your team.

You share your passion. People with a similiar passion want to do what you do. Your downline grows, maybe at a trickle, but growing nonetheless.

Still with me?

So if you look at your daily to do list, I am bet it looks a lot like mine:

1) create projects for January

2) prep for next week's class

3) put together hostess packets

4) stamp thank you cards

5) stamp downline cards

6) email weekly tip to downline

7) follow up with potential recruit

8) training time with new downline

There are a lot of balls to keep in the air.

but the single most important rule in prioritizing your time is

People Before Paper

Always choose to invest your time and energy in people.

You will get the biggest return on the growth of your business when you focus your energies on people.


So looking back at the list, that means that numbers 2,3,4, and 5 should not be your top priority.

Those are "paper chores" and therefore fall to the bottom of the list of importance on how YOU spend your time and energy.

I know, you're thinking, "but Lisa, those still need to get done"


but the key is that they don't need to be done by you!

Getting an assistant ASAP is critical to building a successful and profitable business.

The very second you decide to build a profitable business is the exact moment you need to have an assistant.

  • As an entrepreneur you need to decide whether you have a job or a business?
  • Are you a worker bee or are you a leader?

Think on that, where your priorities are, and check back tomorrow to learn how you can hire an assistant even if you have no extra dollars to put there.

And how to be sure they are really an asset to your goals


Make Money

Have Fun

Change Your little Corner of the World!


xo, lisa