Your daily energy is a huge determining factor for how productive you will be through out the day.

What gets crossed off your daily to do list determines the efficiency of your day, the outcome of your week, and where you will end 2014.


I hear a lot of people talk about how the weather affects them.

If that is you talking, now is the time to develop a coping strategy to guarantee that you are a rockstar no matter the weather.

No one can control the weather and to hand over your hopes and dreams to a handful of rainy or cloudy days every month can determine your success before you even get out of bed.

So stockpile whatever it is that will make you a happy camper despite the weather.

I don't mind a cloudy or rainy day, but give me the cold and all I want to do is stay in bed with a good book.

And I live in Wisconsin, which means if I let the cold affect me I could be in bed from October to May. Tough to run a business if I am snuggled under the covers 7 months a year.

So I have these:

Pinksowbootsthey are pink, cute, and they make me smile. They get my butt out of bed.

So maybe it is your favorite coffee,  music, breakfast, or workout. But figure out a way to own your day regardless of the weather.


Another energy zapper is those tasks we hate to do, and so then we put them off, and then they become overwhelming, so we put them off some more. Well, I already covered that in why having an assisitant is so important and why you can afford it right now.


The last big  energy zapper is people.

Now there are some people who are true extroverts, they get their energy from being around other people. Direct Sales was designed for them and they will scoff at what most of get exhausted by in other people.

People take time.

You can multitask things but you can never multitask people

So taking good care of your customers, hostesses, downline is part of the biz. We know this right? Be sure to schedule downtime and rejuvenating time so you have enough of yourself to give graciously.


But there are people in your life who are what I call Energy Vampires.


We all have family, friends, customers and downline/upline who we feel so drained by every time we interact. They have no investment in our dreams and desires, they complain, they don't own their failures or shortcomings. You have someone pictured in your head right now, don't you? It's okay. Don't feel bad. It just is. The question is what do we do with it.

You have 2 choices:

1) Distance yourself.

You can say no to coffee, not pick up their call, be polite but not engaging. If you do not invest in their drama they will find someone else who is interested in being a part of their negativity.


2) Confront the situation.

I know, you hate this right? But done the right way it will help you both grow. Which makes you a good person. So suck it up and stand up. You are thinking, "Well that sounds good and virtuous, but how?"

"Ann, I would really like to help you grow your business, but sometimes I think we get talking about what isn't working. Can we put that aside for now and focus on some solutions?"

"Helen, I can totally understand your frustration with your upline, but let's focus on what we can do to help you get what you need"

"Grace, I get frustrated too by big product changes, but let's talk about how we can help our customers see how awesome this will be for them"


Empathize and refocus

Empathize and refocus

Rinse and repeat 🙂


You are creating a pattern for your interactions so that they understand you get it, but they will only have your energy when they are focused on owning it.


Very quickly they will begin to do it themselves when dealing with you.

"I am so frustrated with X, can you help me figure out what to do?"

The Big Bonus?

Problem solving, creating concrete solutions, focusing on what we can own will increase your energy and that of your little energy vampire.


Remember this quote from Epictetus

"the key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best"


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Make Money

Have fun

Change your little corner of the World


xo, lisa