At some point in your direct sales business you wanted/needed/craved a break.


Life can throw curve balls at us and sometimes we need to step back and gather ourselves before we can move forward.


Notice I said "step back" and not "step out"

I am a firm believer that once you have downline you should never quit direct sales.

While your effort and attention may change, once you start building the critical step of a team, never give up what you have worked so hard for.


As a former #1 Demonstrator of the Year who LITERALLY had to place a one time exception order to stay active, I have a little experience in this area 😉

And along with how to step back, we need to learn how to step back in.

My business is now FAR more profitable than it was in all those "rewards" years and I have a balance and focus that makes me LOVE what I do and feel eternally grateful for the gift of Stampin'Up! and direct sales.


We have a ton of flexibility, we need to learn how to bend and not break when things get challenging.


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