I love women.

I love being one.

I love being with my girlfriends.

I love working with my mostly female downline, almost all the time. (and I LOVE all my fellas too)

But I am going to be honest, my toughest moments in my Direct Sales business has been at the hands of women I thought were part of my community.

As much as I would like to say the opposite, there is a knowledge in Direct Sales that as you become more successful there will always be those mean girls who are waiting to see you fall.

There will always be some people who want to make it into a fierce competition.

And just like everywhere, there are people who think they can rise as they tear you down. I know they are wrong, you know they are wrong, but it still happens.

So you need to be strong, you need to be tough, and you need to find strength everywhere you can.

This writing by Nikki Groom is the perfect mantra to pull out each morning.

Don't apologize f0r being an AWESOME YOU!


Walk tall.
Embrace your passion and wear it with class.

Don’t closet your ambition, cultivate it wisely.
Stand firm. Stand strong.

Pursue excellence. Build your empire.
Do both consistently.

Be bigger and better. Achieve more than most.


Feel thick courage pouring through your veins and know you have what it takes.

Don’t apologize for the work you put in.
Don’t apologize for the results you get out.

Don’t apologize for letting your light shine bright.

Collaborate with the best of the best.
Connect with those who will help you climb.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Use your mistakes as markers to help you find your way.

FIND your way.

Pursue greatness and don’t let anybody tell you you can’t.

You have fire in your belly and a dream in your heart. Breath fiery love into your aspirations and watch them take flight.

There is a time for playing humble.



Make Money

Have Fun

Change your litle part of the World


xo, lisa