For those of us who love direct sales we have all the lure of repping for more than one company.


We love the discounts for ourselves.


We love sharing products with family and friends.


We see potential at every turn when we love a product line.


But one of the biggest downfalls is to try and build a direct sales business for 2 or more different companies.


1) To be successful in direct sales requires an uncompromising passion for your product, your company, and your downline.

2) To be successful in direct sales is a full time business. You can work those hours whenever you want, but you have to work them

3) To be successful in direct sales you need to be viewed as an expert in your field

To think you can run 2 successful businesses is like thinking you can be an Olympic gymnast AND an Olympic weightlifter.


I'm not saying you can't be a rep for as many companies as you want, but if you want to truly build a business that will support you and your family, you can only build ONE as a business.


How to Choose?

1) Which product gets you out of bed every morning?

2) Which company has stability, longevity, and solid tools to help you succeed?

3) Which companies leaders speak your language?

4) Which compensation plan looks most workable to you?


Best Choice?

Make friends with the person who sells the products you love.

Support them in their business building.

Work out product swaps/shares/ joint events


and focus your energy on building the one business you can excel in!


Make Money

Have Fun

Change Your Little Corner of the World


xo, lisa