So let's talk about goals and intentions, and why they just don't work


Long before my Stampin'Up! career, I owned a couple of Weight Loss Centers.

Did you know that losing weight is the number one New Year's Resolution?

Do you know why?

Because most people made the resolution the year before and they are still making that resolution this year….I think we can learn a lot about resolutions/goals and more by checking that out.

Making a resolution or goal to lose weight is a huge undertaking. Typically people need to change almost everything they do daily to achieve that goal. Except of course some of our husbands who drink one less soda a day and magically lose 20 pounds. Seriously, what is up with that?

So for the rest of us….

to lose weight we need to exercise more, eat less of the "bad" foods, drink more water, get more veggies, eat whole grains, wait….eat no carbs? what about those protein drinks? what do I give up to get to the gym? one glass of red wine per day? no fruits after noon?…

It really is not a simple undertaking of "I am going to lose weight"

The same is with your business. Many people have a goal of an incentive trip or award. You can read how I really feel about that here

So we need to:

  • sell more
  • recruit more
  • promote
  • get our downline to promote
  • ….add classes? clubs? hostess coach? incent our downline? more meetings? more challenges? Follow up with customers more? Facebook? Blog?
  • ….I need a new camera and what about video blogging….


So setting goals and resolutions might work to get us on the right track but pretty soon we get overwhelmed and confused by HOW to reach those goals.

And when confusion comes it usually means we open a bag of chips. You know it is true.

So I would tell you just say no to resolutions and goals.

Instead focus on adopting small actionable steps that you commit to doing once a day, 2x a week, etc.

Here are examples of small actionable steps:

  • 1) I am going to send my hostess a thank you letter after her workshop
  • 2) I am going to call each of my customers after they get their order to see if they have any questions
  • 3) I am going to send a training tip out to my downline once a week
  • 4) I am going to mail/hand out 2 recruit packets each week
  • 5) I am going to blog 2x a week with a great photo


these are small actionable steps. Now obviously if you make a list of 20 of these you are going to commit to you are going to make it terribly tough on yourself.

Pick one or two.

Once you have those mastered, look at what else you can add in.

By slowly filling your calendar with strong meaningful actions you will build a stronger business. You will own the success of your day, week, month, and that will create a profitable business.

And a profitable business is way more impressive than a trip or award.


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xo, lisa