I do a lot of list making. for this business I am constantly checking and double checking emails, sign ups, contact lists, distribution lists…..you get the idea 🙂


So I want to ask you something.

Which email is more memorable:





What about this:





As a demonstrator we are in contact with our downline and customers via email all the time. 

Many times you are "saved" as a contact and I don't have to remember your email address.


as I work thru emails I often times struggle:

is that a capital I or a lower case L?

is that 3 4s or 4 4s


You want your email to be easy and memorable

so take a fresh look at your business email and decide if it is really the BEST it could be.

Why be mediocre when you can be awesome?


Make Money

Have Fun

Change your little corner of the World


xo, lisa